Remember how badly people hated the final season of Game of Thrones? Personally, I thought the vitriolic reaction was moderately overblown, but the eighth season was admittedly troubling enough that many viewers believed it had ruined what was otherwise one of the top-tier television programs of the 21st century. That seemed like a total overreaction, just like it would be if anyone said that this ugly New England Patriots season should tarnish the legacy of Bill Belichick. Belichick could have an accident on the sideline in this upcoming game against the New York Jets, and his place as the greatest coach in NFL history would still be secure.

However, Mac Jones on the other hand has successfully burned any and all of the good will that he managed to accumulate during his rookie season. Now, in what will likely be his final game in a Patriots uniform, Jones isn't even listed as the backup quarterback to Bailey Zappe.

“In what could be Bill Belichick's final game as #Patriots coach, he has demoted Mac Jones to the emergency No. 3 QB spot behind Bailey Zappe and Nathan Rourke,” per a tweet from NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. 

Mac Jones was once considered to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady. Nobody thought Jones would have the success in New England that Brady did, that would be totally unreasonable. But his rookie season at least provided enough hope that he could be the Patriots quarterback of the future. But things fell apart in 2022, and somehow, Mac Jones was even worse in 2023, routinely being pulled mid-game for Bailey Zappe, who hasn't exactly inspired a great deal of confidence in the Patriots fan base. Now the Patriots are left without a quarterback, but that could be taken care of in the 2024 NFL Draft.

What happens to Mac Jones, I have no idea. His confidence has visibly diminished with each passing week, and now to be named the emergency third quarterback just three years after he was selected in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft… well that's the sort of fall from grace that Tommen Baratheon knows all about.

Tommen Baratheon fall from grace