According to Tom Hardy, the outlook for Mad Max: The Wasteland doesn’t look good.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Hardy discussed many things, and one question he addressed concerning his future in films was the rumored George Miller’s Mad Max: The Wasteland film.

“I don’t think that’s happening,” Hardy said. Bummer…

About The Wasteland and its future

The Wasteland was supposed to be the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Due to Furiosa’s lackluster box office numbers of only $32 million over the Memorial Day weekend and $36.5 million overseas isn’t enough, at least as of now, to keep the franchise going.

THR reports that Miller and Nico Lathouris wrote scripts for The Wasteland and Furiosa as part of the Mad Max: Fury Road developmental process. Fury Road was a 2015 blockbuster that won six Oscars. As far as The Wasteland was concerned, it would follow Max Rockatansky in the year before Fury Road.

However, many of the films’ future was based on Furiosa’s success.

Miller addressed this recently at Cannes, saying, “I’ll definitely wait to see how this [Furiosa] goes, before we even think about it.”

Furiosa isn’t bad by any measure. It has a 90 percent positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a B+ on CinemaScore. However, not many females went to the theaters to watch the film, and the younger male adults didn’t show up. This starkly contrasts Fury Road, which has a 60 percent male to 40 percent female audience. Furiosa was 71 percent male. As for the ages, the 18-24 age group was only 21 percent for Furiosa. It was 31 percent for Fury Road.

It’s been a tough year for movies, especially in May. Delays from the strikes last year caused a very slim number of moviegoers that usually kick the summer off that month at the theaters, gearing up for summer blockbusters.

But, the future is looking brighter. Box office analyst Eric Hadler of Roth Capital said, “Let’s see what happens next year with Mission: Impossible and in 2026 with the next Star Wars movie.

“This fever will hopefully break in June and July with an overperformance by at least one of the high-profile films to get the wind back in the sails of the box office,” Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore said.

And this has happened since.

Inside Out 2 caused a lot of anxiety in Hollywood to subside as it scored the biggest box office debut of the year with $155 million domestically and $295 million globally. It’s a huge bump for the film industry, especially Pixar, which needed a hit and had many layoffs.

There’s no official nail in the coffin for Mad Max: The Wasteland. Maybe if the industry can rebound more and more, there will be more encouragement to complete the film. However, at this point, if Tom Hardy is even saying that it’s not happening, well, we can only speculate that the outlook is not looking good.