Ultimate Team returns once again in Madden 24, to no one's surprise. This year, the developers added a few major changes in terms of the gameplay, design, and overall structure of the mode. Some of the biggest changes include Cross-Play (for next-gen players and PC), economy changes, and a whole new MUT Champs Structure. Without further ado, let's check out everything new in Madden 24's Ultimate Team mode.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Live Event Programming – Seven full seasons of Ultimate Team are confirmed for this year's Madden release, which means more programs coming even after the Super Bowl.

The Live Events Hub allows players (especially those new to UT) to find all the components for a program in just one place. This includes Solo Challenges, Sets, House Rules, and Store items, which can be accessed through the hub.

The Event hub filters all the content, showing only things relevant to the program the player selected. So when you select one program, the game automatically filters the items on screen to only display items relevant to your program.

Speaking of new players, a Revamped Onboarding process brings an improved tutorial system. It also allows the devs to add more mechanics throughout the year. Of course, the tutorial is skippable.

A new Item catalog finally adds a way to keep track of all the player items in the game. Every obtainable item appears in the catalog with information how to get each item. Additionally players get the chance to view Player Item abilities, AP cost of abilities, and the global usage of a player.

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But perhaps the biggest new addition to Ultimate Team is Cross-Play between next-gen & PC players. From the way it's described in the gridiron notes, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC players can all play against each other. There's no mention on last-gen versions having the feature, which is a major downside for PS4 and Xbox One players.

Economy Changes Across Generations & Competitive Pass

Madden 24 separates the economy between new and last-gen versions of the game. This is what allows Cross-Play to come to the next-gen versions of UT.

Players can still transfer their rookie premiere players across to the next-generation of consoles. However, you must use the same account you completed them on. More details about this feature are coming soon.

32 of the 33 Rookie Premiere players start the game with an overall of 84, except Lions' DE Aidan Hutchinson, who starts with an 87.

Starting Overall – The starting OVR for Champions at launch is 87 in an attempt to create a “fresh and exciting” meta.

The Competitive Pass structure in Madden 24 has been revamped. Solo battles, MUT Champs, and H2H season are still a priority focus. However instead of a complete refresh every two weeks, each new pass now starts on the first Friday of each new season. Specific daily, weekly, and season long objectives are available for users to complete.

Daily and seasonal objectives can be completed in any of the three modes, while each mode receives a weekly objective. Weekly objectives requires the user to win as well in order to gain progress for the objective.

Lastly, the competitive pass includes a change to exclusive player items. Two-new exclusive player items will be made available with each new season of the pass, with both a limited and base version.

  • Base – Similar to items in Madden 23 by being BND (account bound) with Champion level abilities (and more).
  • Limited – only obtainable by the first 1000 users to reach the level that rewards said player. The limited version includes extra Champion level ability buckets and is auction-able.

MUT Champs Structure

In Madden 24, MUT Champs won't require a token for entry. It remains on the same weekly cadence, refreshing every Friday. The change puts MUT Champs in line with the competitive pass and is the fastest way to progress and earn rewards.

To make Champion sets more accessible, some sets have been changed to require even non BND players of a given overall. The first program we'll see this change in is Headliners. Rather than these. So instead of requiring only heroes, players can use any 84-85 overall players.

Madden Championship Series

The Madden Championship series returns to Madden Ultimate Team once again. You can take your created MUT team and compete in six MCS tournaments for a chance to earn some cash in a $1.7 million dollar prize pool.

  • Competitors can earn a MUT Red Zone pack for each MCS tournament they register in and play one ladder match.
  • MCS Twitch Drops program makes a return once again. Even viewers get the opportunity to receive in-game rewards for their MUT team just by watching the MCS broadcasts.
  • Players interested in signing up for the Ultimate Kick-off can do so now.

Madden 24 Release Date

And that's everything new included in the Ultimate Team Deep Dive.

Madden 24 comes out in one week for Deluxe Edition Owners (August 15th). The standard edition of the game launches August 18th. The game is available for pre-order for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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