Madden NFL 24 releases this week. And if you pre-ordered the game's Deluxe Edition you can play it even sooner. As a “make-or-break” Madden NFL title, we'll see if EA Sports was able to put their money where their mouth is.

Josh Allen is the game's cover athlete. The Buffalo Bills QB hopes to add another milestone to his career with a Lombardi Trophy, but for now he'll at least grace the game's cover. The big new features coming to Madden 24 include A re-worked Superstar Mode, the return of Mini-Games, Improvements to Franchise, and multiple gameplay changes. Below is the trailer:

Madden NFL 24 Release Date: August 18th, 2023

Madden NFL 24 has a release date of August 18th according to store listings. It will release for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It will cost $69.99 USD for all platforms, with a Deluxe edition costing $99.99.

Speaking of the Deluxe Edition, players who pre-ordered it receive the game three days earlier. This means you can start playing Madden 24 so long as you pre-ordered this version.

The Deluxe edition includes the base-game with some additional goodies, including some Madden Points, MUT items, and more. But if you're able to wait, the standard edition comes out this Friday, only three days later.

FieldSense & SAPIEN Technology

FieldSense™ returns, making more improvements to the passing game among other factors. Additionally, the new SAPIEN technology creates realistic player skeletal structures to more accurately represent their body types. FieldSense was introduced in Madden NFL 23 and gives players more control over their passing, catching, and tackling with improved animations.

The new SAPIEN technology allows for a more accurate, anatomically correct player build that's closer to real life than before. The way players are built and move should be more authentic to the real experience. We get to see a glimpse of how this works, especially when watching Eagles QB Jalen Hurts scramble out of the pocket.

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Mike Mahar, Senior Producer of Madden NFL, spoke about the technological improvements. “We set a new foundation for football gameplay with the introduction of FieldSENSE last year, which was one of the best-selling years in Madden NFL franchise history, and we're going even deeper in the areas our fans want most in Madden NFL 24”

Superstar Story Mode, Mini-Games, & Franchise Improvements

For the first time since Madden NFL 13, Superstar Mode is returning along with mini-games. The mode had been absent as it merged with franchise mode and online leagues.

It allows you to control a single-player rather than an entire team with the goal of being inducted into the Pro Footballl Hall Of Fame. Additionally, EA added a little twist, with your player looking to attain a 99 overall and join the Madden 99 club.

Superstar mode will have cutscenes similar to the ones we've seen in games like NBA 2K, or in F1 23's Braking Point 2. We've seen glimpses of this in action, with pre-draft cutscenes, interviews, and discussions with your agent. We're not sure if Superstar will be as in depth as 2K's MyCAREER mode, but hopefully it's an improvement over Face Of The Franchise.

25 Mini Games are also returning to Madden NFL. We're curious to see if the developers intend to build on this feature for the future of Madden, or just for a few games before removing it again. Either way, it adds something different to the experience.

Franchise mode is also receiving some updates. Mini games will exist in franchise as drills your team can complete to test their skills. There's also more locations and team logos for an expanded relocation system though we were hoping to see create-a-team return.

You can now restructure contracts and make counter offers in free agency. You'll also be able to “Acquire and retain superstars using 50 new unique draft generators”. Additionally, you'll receive six slots for trading now, as well a new talent tree for coaches.

And if you enjoy playing online leagues with friends, new Commissioner tools are being expanded for both offline and online play.


In addition to updated rosters and the return of referees, there's quite a few things to talk about. EA Sports Madden NFL 24 adds 500+ new plays across all 32 team's playbooks.

Both offensive and defensive sides of the ball have seen improvements. Contested Catch tackles should make those deep pass situations more exciting, and receivers can make diving one-handed catches. The following has also been enhanced for the AI:

  • QB awareness and behavior
  • Ball Carrier AI & Pathfinding
  • Blocking AI and open field targeting
  • Pass Coverage & DB Awareness
  • Post Play emotion

The last one seems exciting. Hopefully players have a little more emotion, especially on big plays. We also hope that if your team is losing by two scores with 10 seconds left, your players don't celebrate for making a play then. We'll find out more about the AI enhancements as we get closer to launch.

Madden 24 also brings other new gameplay features including:

According to Mahar, the developers have “added more ways to play with mini-games and Superstar, more realism through FieldSENSE, deeper immersion with dozens of foundational football improvements and the introduction of SAPIEN Technology – all of which bring the game closer to what fans see from the NFL.”

Unfortunately for PS4 and Xbox One players, they will not have access to any of the new modes. While this is a bummer for many, we hope this means that Superstar and Mini-Games are more than just game modes, and breathe some life into the series.

Crossplay has also been confirmed for PC players. Now all next-gen players, including PC gamers, can take it out on the turf.

Madden NFL 24: Pre-Order Details

Players who pre-order Madden NFL 24 Deluxe Edition get access to the following:

  • 3 Day Early Access
  • 4600 Madden Points
  • EA Dual Entitlement
  • Josh Allen Elite Player Item (MUT)
  • NFL Marble Bills Gear
  • Choice of 2 strategy items (Offense & Defense)
  • *Limited Time Offer – AKA Player (Must be pre-ordered by July 22nd)

For those who pre-order the standard edition, you'll receive:

  • Josh Allen Elite Player Item (MUT)
  • NFL Marble Bills Gear
  • Choice of 2 strategy items (Offense & Defense)

EA Play Members can get early trial access starting August 15th, and can purchase the game for 10% off. In addition, they can claim Launch Welcome Pack while claiming UT and Vanity rewards.

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