Coming alongside the 53-man roster update is the Madden NFL 23 September 8 Title Update – check out our summary of the latest Gridiron Notes.

It’s no secret that Madden NFL 23 launched in pretty bad shape. While EA has shown commitment to fixing things up based on feedback received from fans, it might take a while before all these issues get fixed. Meanwhile, alongside the 53-man roster update at the start of the season, a September 8 Title Update has just been released to fix some of the game’s issues. EA has released a Gridiron Notes page to detail all these changes, and we have the summary below:

Gameplay Updates – A lot of pass-block and run-block fixes and re-tuning, with the overall intention of fixing the buggy defense. There are also a couple of fixes that reduced fumble chance for Wide Receivers playing in the HB position. The “rare” funny glitch that causes some players to warp off the ground has been fixed. There are also minor updates on AI competency. Specific mention on an update on the Detroit Lions NFL Live Playbook to be a 4-3 Defense Book, now having three additional 4-3 formations to the default Lions defense book.

Franchise Updates – Better AI on trades has been implemented, and better AI in general with regards to their attitudes to superstar Free Agents. There are also some tuning to the acceptance factors and rates for contract negotiations, and several issues fixed for the Free Agency Offer UI. Finally, injured players should now no longer appear as part of trade packages. There should also be less frequent crashes when withdrawing an offer during Re-Sign, which was a common complaint back in the Beta Tests.

Face of the Franchise Updates – More funny glitches have been fixed, like the duplicate coaches and helmets appearing in practice drills. There should also be less frequent issues in texts not appearing in ‘Leadership’ Side Activities, and your apartment should stop warping into the team facility now.

Madden Ultimate Team Updates – Numerous basic fixes on UI, HUD, and general UX design.

The Yard Updates – The game will no longer punish players for playing the game by kicking them from online games randomly, which the system notes as “excessive delay.”

NFL Authenticity Updates – New alternate helmets, new uniforms, and player heads and likenesses. No news about fixing a bug that causes black players to have white torsos underneath their uniforms.

Music – Two new music tracks are added to the game: Cordae & Hit-Boy’s CHECKMATE and NO LIMIT featuring BLEU by Money Man, Babyface Ray, and Key Glock.

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 Presentation and UI Updates – Various fixes on camera bugs and glitches, model interactions and clipping, and HUDs performing disappearing tricks.