Even with its next-gen bells and whistles and the advertised revolutionary FieldSense system, Madden NFL 23 still can’t escape poor reviews. With major bugs abound and previous-gen players feeling insulted by the $60 roster update, many would not see Madden NFL 23 to be the revolutionary entry that Electronic Arts makes it out to be – but we’re sure that won’t stop Madden fans from throwing in the cash and playing the game anyway. If you’re one of the fans who are still trying to decide whether or not to get the game, then you’re in the right place. We’ll give you the pros and cons of the game based on the Madden NFL 23 reviews that are out there right now.

It’s the same Madden NFL, for better or for worse

Whether it’s on next-gen or previous-gen, changes from Madden 22 to Madden 23 don’t give enough oompf to warrant a reinvestment. For some, that means this is a safe purchase because you’re getting exactly what you expect. It’s the same game, essentially, a familiar title with the same gameplay, the same issues, and of course, the same simulation that people have been enjoying over the past decade. There are enough enhancements in animations, simulation, as well as quality-of-life to make this incrementally better than Madden 22 – but those who already played last year’s game would know that incremental improvements will not make Madden 23 a good game.

Great new systems that the poor AI can’t adapt to

Madden 23 introduces a lot of great improvements in its systems – including the new free agency mechanics in Franchise Mode. These changes will make players happy on the get-go, but play long enough and you’d realize that the AI can’t handle these changes, resulting in a flood of star players remaining unsigned in free agency for some reason. These new systems are easy for players to exploit, leaving a very lopsided league in your favor.

Lots of bugs everywhere

It’s almost expected at this point, but it’s still worth mentioning. The game has bugs everywhere – from the simulation to the physics, to the game modes systems in place, and even in the game’s cutscenes in Face of the Franchise mode. If you’re getting Madden 23 this year, then you should know that you’re getting a game that is chock-full of bugs.

A lot of changes to come – but it will take time

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If you’re not really too pumped to get the game right now and are willing to wait for a sale, then that might be the smartest thing to do with this game. While the devs have been very forthcoming about future plans and have been receptive to player feedback, it’s clear that the devs didn’t have enough time to fix all of the problems at launch. With the game having a very solid base muddled by a lot of frills that bog the experience down, some fine-tuning here and there could be just what the game needs to make it a decent game to play.

FieldSense is a great addition, but it won’t save Madden NFL 23 from the poor reviews

FieldSense was and is the magic feature that Electronic Arts say will make Madden NFL 23 a more immersive experience, a better simulation of American Football, and overall what will set Madden 23 apart from the rest of its ilk. The good news is that FieldSense is indeed a great addition to the game – and veteran players would immediately notice the plethora of animation additions to the game. However, veterans also know that this hasn’t really been the issue of Madden 23 before. Adding these now is like improving your car’s wheels when its engine is burning down. It’s a cool addition on the surface, but it doesn’t fix what makes the game bad. And hence, this is yet another year that Madden NFL 23 will be receiving a lot of poor reviews.