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Magic Johnson, Cookie Johnson

Magic Johnson’s wife: Cookie Johnson

Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is one of the most famous basketball players to ever play in the NBA. From winning five NBA titles to making 12 All-Star teams, his career was nothing short of amazing. Magic has had his wife Cookie along for the ride. In this post, we’re taking a look at Magic Johnson’s wife, Cookie Johnson.

Magic Johnson’s wife: Cookie Johnson

Magic Johnson, Cookie Johnson

Cookie Johnson and Magic Johnson got married in 1991 in Lansing, Michigan, just 45 days before Magic was diagnosed with HIV. She even released a book called “Believing in Magic” which highlighted the journeys they’ve gone through together and how she dealt with the sad news. Cookie was also pregnant at the time, which certainly scared her.

They met at a party in their freshman year at Michigan State in 1977. Cookie recalled so many women being there wanting to meet Magic and was frankly surprised Magic picked her.

“It was so funny because every girl on campus wanted to meet him,” Cookie recalls of their first encounter. “I just thought forget it. There’s no way he’s going to pick me over all these other women.”

While Cookie thought their first date would be nonchalant, Magic took her to an actual steakhouse. They had great conversation all night long as if they were old friends. According to Cookie, that was the moment she fell in love with him.

While they’ve now been married for 30 years, Cookie has built an entire career on her own as well. She wrote her book a few years back, which discusses her choice to stay by her husband’s side during his HIV diagnosis instead of leaving. It also dives deeper into their lives after Magic was hit with the devastating news. Aside from being a best-selling author, Cookie is also a businesswoman. She designs a popular brand of jeans that sells throughout luxury department stores in the US called CJ. Denim was always a huge passion of hers growing up so this is truly a dream come true.

Cookie serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Magic Johnson Foundation where she focuses on the health, social, and educational needs of those residing in underserved communities and is involved in the development of the Foundation’s programs, objectives, and goals. Cookie is the first spokeswoman for the I Stand With Magic campaign with Magic Johnson where they continue to fight against HIV/AIDS. She has been a key part in reducing the number of infections of the virus in the African-American community by further educating women about the disease and further testing that’s available.

Before taking on a more prominent role with her husband, Cookie also served as spokeswoman for the National Medical Association Immunization Public Service Announcement. She educated parents and caregivers on the importance of immunizing children in urban areas against various viruses. This is just the start though. Cookie was instrumental in creating a program called BREATHE, which works to prevent asthma in young children.

As you can see, Cookie Johnson has done a lot of good in her life. While Magic testing positive for HIV was devastating, it’s given Cookie a platform to make a difference. She is doing so many different things within the HIV/AIDS world to make sure others aren’t faced with the same thing eventually because it is truly an awful virus.

As for children, Cookie and Magic have two named EJ Johnson and Elisa Johnson. The latter was adopted in 1995. EJ is a television celebrity, while Elisa has also made appearances on the big screen.

Magic Johnson’s wife Cookie is a very accomplished woman who has stood by his side for many, many years. While their early days weren’t the easiest, the couple has stuck it out together and continues to be advocates against HIV/AIDS. From selling jeans to giving numerous speeches to underprivileged people, Cookie Johnson is much more than just a terrific wife.