The Orlando Magic have a lot of young talent on their roster currently, and it's clear that of that group, Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner are leading the way. Banchero and Wagner have tons of potential that they began to tap into last season, but ahead of the 2023-24 season, their head coach Jamahl Mosley dropped a wild comparison for the duo that will certainly raise eyebrows.

Everybody loves to compare rising stars to established big name players, which is something that has happened frequently to Banchero and Wagner. While some of these comparisons can get a little crazy, it seems like their own coach in Mosley provided one of the more wild comparisons the two young stars have likely ever seen about themselves, with LeBron James and Kevin Durant being mentioned among a large list of stars.

“Because the game has changed so much over the years with players getting more talented and higher IQs, you have to give combinations. Paolo is a combination of Carmelo (Anthony), LeBron (James) and (Jayson) Tatum. There are different combinations of things they possess. The passing skills. The ability to score in different areas. The power that they possess. Franz is between a mixture of Khris Middleton, Kawhi (Leonard) and Kevin Durant in the footwork. There are so many aspects these guys take from each one of those guys. You don’t want to label them as just this or that person. There’s a combination of each one that they possess because they study the game and they watch all these great players.” – Jamahl Mosley, HoopsHype

Talk about a bold comparison. Mosley doesn't opt to just single out one great player, but a list of great players for each of his own budding stars. Banchero and Wagner are good, but nobody other than Mosley is comparing than to James or Durant just yet. This is a crazy take from Mosley, but who knows, maybe Banchero and Wagner will make him look like a genius for these comments once the Magic's 2023-24 season gets underway.