Magic news: Jonathan Isaac's jersey sales soars to 2nd after 'standing' gesture
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Report: Jonathan Isaac’s Magic jersey sales soar to 2nd after ‘standing’ gesture

Jonathan Isaac, Magic

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac made headlines for all the wrong reasons on Sunday, suffering a torn ACL on a drive to the basket. Isaac had just returned from a serious knee injury, and now he’s going to be on the shelf for an even longer time.

Isaac made other headlines during this restart prior to his devastating knee injury, with new reports stating that his jersey sales have skyrocketed since the 22-year-old’s decision not to kneel during the playing of the national anthem in Orlando’s restart opener against the Brooklyn Nets on Friday.

Isaac’s jersey apparently soared all the way to second in most jerseys sold in the entire NBA, behind only Los Angeles Lakers superstar and NBA poster boy LeBron James:

Players kneeling for the national anthem as a way to protest systemic racism has been one of the most polarizing issues in America today. There are a select few, such as Isaac, who have opted to stand during the anthem, which has similarly drawn praise and criticism alike.

For Isaac, he explained that his religious beliefs led him to the decision to not only stand up during the anthem, but to also opt not to wear the “Black Lives Matter” statement shirt. While there are still some who have condemned the 6-foot-10 forward for his alleged lack of support for the movement, others have praised him for his bravery to stand up for what he believes in.

Regardless of his beliefs, it’s cruel that Isaac is now facing another lengthy rehab due to this latest knee injury. The Magic youngster was blossoming into one of the best defensive players in the entire NBA, so this latest setback in his develop is an especially tough pill to swallow. Let’s hope he comes back better than ever, whenever that may be.