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Aaron Gordon picks Vince Carter, Zach LaVine, himself in dream dunk contest

Magic, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, Vince Carter

Aaron Gordon was tasked with picking his ideal all-time dunk contest, using a $15 format as provided by House of Highlights. The Orlando Magic talisman picked Vince Carter with his first overall pick, along with teammate Terrence Ross and showdown partner Zach LaVine, as well as himself — hopeful to take part in such a high stakes competition.

This would be one dreamy matchup, star-studded as it gets and unlike recent ones that have had young names and more props than surprising finishes.

Carter shocked the entire world, taking center stage at The Arena in Oakland in 2000, besting his own cousin Tracy McGrady, along with others like Steve Francis, Ricky Davis, Jerry Stackhouse, and Larry Hughes. His iconic between-the-legs dunk is among the most familiar silhouettes from that lauded contest, one he declared over after a series of acrobatic wonders.

“First and foremost he did the Superfly so clean,” said Gordon of his choice in Carter. “The Superfly is a reverse 360 windmill. Perfect to a tee. That’s one of the best dunks ever.”

Gordon didn’t wait long to pick himself for that contest, doing so right after Vinsanity at the $4 bracket: “To me, he has two of the five best dunks of all-time,” Gordon said of himself, speaking in the third person.

Ross ($2) was picked after Gordon’s self-pick: “He did the 360 behind-the-back, which is super tough to do. And he’s a teammate, so gotta show him love.”

With $4 remaining, Gordon picked his dunk contest rival LaVine, noting there was no revenge intended, but only some friendly competition.


Did Gordon get it right to run it back against LaVine and include an all-time legend in Carter along with his own teammate in Ross? Which would be your dream slam dunk team?

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