Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola expressed his surprise upon learning that Tottenham Hotspur had agreed to sell Harry Kane to Bayern Munich for a reported fee of over €100 million (£86m/$110m). Guardiola's astonishment is notable, considering his past pursuit of Kane to bring him to the Etihad Stadium, reported by

When asked about his thoughts on the transfer, Guardiola initially questioned the accuracy of the information, asking, “Is that [correct]? Officially?” After a brief pause, he went on to highlight Kane's exceptional qualities as a striker and his overall impact on the game.

Guardiola praised Kane's versatility and skill set, describing him as a top-class striker with the ability to excel in various aspects of the game. He noted Kane's proficiency in scoring with both feet and his head, his capability to drop deep and create opportunities for his teammates, as well as his consistent goal-scoring record over the years. Guardiola emphasized that Kane's attributes make him an outstanding player who has proven his quality on the field.

With Kane's potential move to Bayern Munich in the works, Guardiola acknowledged Harry Kane's impressive achievements, including being second only to Alan Shearer in the list of Premier League top goalscorers. Kane's impending transfer to a formidable club like Bayern Munich is likely to have a significant impact on the landscape of European football.

Meanwhile, Guardiola's focus remains on Manchester City's upcoming challenges. The team is gearing up to begin their campaign to defend all three titles in the 2023-24 season with a Premier League match against Burnley. Pep Guardiola and his squad are poised to face the pressures of maintaining their success across multiple competitions, as they aim to continue their dominance in English and European football.