Manchester United's star player, Antony, is facing mounting scrutiny as a former chauffeur provides crucial evidence in the ongoing assault claims made against him. Brazilian DJ Gabriela Cavallin and her friend Brenda Tereza Gondacki have accused Antony of domestic violence and abuse, allegations that have shaken the football world.

The chauffeur, Sandro Oliveira, disclosed an incident where Antony insisted on checking Gabriela's phone messages and another where Gabriela sent an SOS message after being assaulted at a luxury apartment near Sao Paulo. Antony, currently on indefinite leave from Manchester United, is believed to have stayed at the apartment in the upscale Alphaville condominium.

According to Oliveira, he received a call from Gabriela during one of these encounters, with her saying, “Antony is hitting me.” The chauffeur rushed to the scene and was informed by Antony to “come and get Gabi before I do something.” They followed the footballer but eventually lost him in traffic. Sandro noticed that Gabriela's face and arm were red, indicating physical harm.

These shocking claims are part of allegations against Antony, including incidents in Manchester, where Gabriela alleges she was assaulted, and an incident involving bank worker Ingrid Lana. Antony, who has denied all allegations, remains under investigation, while Manchester United has expressed its commitment to condemning acts of violence and abuse.

Amid the ongoing investigations, the former Ajax man released a statement asserting his innocence and intention to cooperate fully with the police. As the legal proceedings continue, the footballer's future at Manchester United remains uncertain, and the club has emphasized the importance of safeguarding all those involved in this situation.

The accusations against Antony have raised critical questions about violence against women, and the footballer has publicly denounced domestic violence, asserting that he would never harm a woman. With investigations ongoing in Brazil and the UK, the truth behind these allegations will undoubtedly significantly impact the Brazilian's career and reputation.