There has been a lot of coaches that have thrown shade at Deion Sanders and Colorado but Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman spoke glowingly about the work being done in Boulder, Colorado. ESPN College Gameday is broadcasting live from Notre Dame in advance of their huge top-10 matchup between 6th-ranked Ohio State and Freeman was interviewed on the program by the Gameday crew. Desmond Howard asked the Fighting Irish coach how good of a job Sanders has done in his first four weeks at the helm of the Buffaloes and what his success means for college football in general.

“To be 3-0 for a team that only won one game last year is tremendous. I have the utmost respect for him and really the excitement he's bringing to College Football. I'm a college football fan. To be able to bring the excitement and the attention…last Saturday at 10:30 PM usually I'm in bed. I said, ‘Let me see a little of this Colorado game. I turned it on.”

The Gameday crew laughed at Freeman's admission that he watched the Colorado State-Colorado game with the rest of the college football nation. But, he struck a more serious tone about Sanders and how he's proving that there isn't one type or style of coaching.

“You know, what I really love about what coach Deion Sanders is doing is that he's showing that you don't have to be a certain way to lead. And that's what I want our own players to understand and what I want my own children to understand is you can be who you are and be a leader. Be authentic to who you are. You don't have to be Marcus Freeman or Desmond Howard, Deion Sanders. Be who you are.”

Deion Sanders is surely bringing a new style and flair to coaching that isn't traditional to how coaches have normally operated, especially at the FBS level. His approach is working, as he was immensely successful at Jackson State and is poised to lead his team to a 4-0 start if the Buffaloes can pull off an upset against Oregon.