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NBA news: Marcus and Markieff Morris’ trial for felony assault charges starts in Phoenix

Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris

Marcus and Markieff Morris went on trial on Monday in Phoenix for felony assault charges filed against them. The lawsuit stems from an incident that occurred back in 2015, where the twins were apparently part of an orchestrated attack that left their former acquaintance badly beaten.

The details of the opening statement were released by Clarice Silber of the Associated Press, via the Boston Globe, which includes the extent of the beating the victim received and the basis on why it was being considered orchestrated.

“Opening statements began with prosecutors saying the two NBA stars and three other men each had a role in a beating that left a former acquaintance with a broken nose and other injuries.”

“Prosecutor Dan Fisher said it was a coordinated mission and ‘orchestrated attack’ after the victim sent text messages to the Morris twins’ mother that angered them.”

The brothers will face trial that will last up to two weeks, which puts them both in danger of missing out their respective teams’ training camps that will start soon. If proven guilty, they could also receive a disciplinary sanction from the NBA and be suspended for a minimum of 10 games.

With both players expected to play significant roles for rivals Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards, their potential suspension could be a huge blow to their teams’ chances of contending in the Eastern Conference.