The Miami Marlins have a lot to improve after just notching 82 wins for the season. Their future is now in the hands of Skip Schumaker and his management such that they can get a better run for the upcoming season. A wild card exit against the Philadelphia Phillies was the most that they could pull for the season. Unsurprisingly, a change in the lineup can be expected and it all starts in the MLB offseason. The first major move that they had decided on revolved around Johnny Cueto.

The Marlins did not allow Johnny Cueto to pick up his club option. It was valued at $10.5 million, per Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

This comes as a surprise after Skip Schumaker's statements when they had fallen at the hands of the Phillies. The Marlins manager had claimed that they wanted to run it back with the same squad. This decision regarding Cueto might be seen as a step in the other direction.

The lack of an optional year could be a red flag for the pitcher. He had signed a one-year $8.5 million contract last year. But, his future with the Marlins is starting to look bleak. However, a move that could be explored would be to negotiate a new contract such that Schumaker has a veteran presence in his pitching core. Another more realistic option would be that he is let go and finds a team that is looking for exactly what he can offer. Which one of these options is happening during the MLB Offseason?