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Matt Barnes: ‘We Believe’ Warriors celebrated by smoking weed with Woody Harrelson, Snoop Dogg

Matt Barnes says the “We Believe” Golden State Warriors celebrated their first round playoff win against the Dallas Mavericks by smoking weed with Woody Harrelson and Snoop Dogg.

As relayed by Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times, it appears Barnes meant to say Woody Harrelson instead of Woody Allen:

The 2006-07 Warriors won 42 games in the regular season. They were heavy underdogs against Dirk Nowitzki and the top-seeded Mavericks.

The Warriors won that thrilling series in six games. But it looks like the after party was where all the real action took place. Barnes and Stephen Jackson, who was on that Golden State team as well, have been pretty open about how they smoked weed on a regular basis during their playing careers. Don Nelson, the coach of that Warriors team, was pro-weed as well.

The Dubs’ magical season ended when they lost to the Utah Jazz in the second in five games. However, that “We Believe” team is the stuff of legends. In fact, Nowitzki was so pissed about the loss, he threw a plastic recycling bin in the visitor’s locker room, leaving a huge hole in the wall.

That 2007 “We Believe” team was one of the most fun teams to watch in NBA history. Led by Baron Davis, Jackson, Jason Richardson and Barnes, Golden State pulled off a huge upset over the Mavs and made basketball fun again in The Bay Area.