Luka Doncic's 73-point explosion in a win last January on the road over the Atlanta Hawks continues to generate interest, and among the latest to touch on that performance by the Dallas Mavericks superstar was Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson.

The former NBA Most Valuable Player, when asked about his thoughts on Doncic's offensive outburst versus the Hawks, took some time and some goading from Shaquille O'Neal and podcast host Adam Lefkoe to share his take on the Mavs star's style.

“I'm not even I ain't… you can go there but I ain't even want to go there you know what I mean that goes without saying 73 sure I'm talking about his style like it's just it's it's kind of like Streetball mixed I mean like mixed in with the streetball and then I I don't want nobody take this the wrong way.”

“White he plays like a white guy?” Lefkoe interjected.

“No he plays like a black guy,” Iverson responded.

Shaq then opened the door for Iverson.

“Hold on let me fix it he has swag he got swag,” the former Los Angeles Lakers big man said.

“He got swag there you go he got swag you could I mean he's so cool out there I mean he just everything just just slow I mean just major moves just and a wet ball I mean he shoot the blood out of that thing man Luka is,” Iverson shared.

It is safe to say that Iverson is just awed by what the high-scoring Mavericks star is doing in the NBA, and that's saying a lot, considering that AI has scored over 24,000 points in his career in the league.