The Dallas Mavericks have just had a tough NBA season. Although they had a great regular season, winning 42 games in the process, they lost in the first round of the Playoffs again. In the meantime, they lost their head coach, as Rick Carlisle decided to leave the Mavs post after 13 years. Additionally, their second star, at least in theory, had a disappointing year again. Kristaps Porzingis, former Knicks forward, could not remain healthy and had a poor season. It was especially visible in the Playoffs, where Porzings averaged just 13.1 points per game in seven games.

Since the Mavericks need to improve and do so fast, so that Luka Doncic does not waste his enormous talent in Texas, here are two trades that the Mavs simply must make.

Potential Mavericks Trades

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Bradley Beal to Mavericks; Kristaps Porzingis to Wizards

It makes sense, to some degree, to deal superstar guard Bradley Beal for Porzingis. Especially if the Mavericks can add some picks, there is every possibility that the Wizards might seriously consider this deal. It would truly be the best possibility for both the players and the franchises, which is a rare case in trades. Both teams need the other player and both players need different environments.

Kristaps Porzingis would thrive in Washington for one simple reason – no pressure. His best games were in New York, playing for the Knicks which had no intention of being competitive. Ever since he got traded to the Mavs, the pressure of playing with a truly generational talent in Luka has clearly affected the Latvian forward. In the capital, Porzingis could slowly work to regain his best form and health, as the Wizards do not have any aspirations towards the postseason.

On the other hand, Beal is a player that can be a fresh start as a second star next to Doncic. Beal would probably struggle without the ball in his hands constantly, now being the second option, but it would be worth it. Doncic is probably the next best player in the league, barring some injuries, and an experience playing with him would be amazing for any player in the league. The Slovene can be the focal point of the offense, as he already is, but he will also get his teammates involved. If Beal can be there to catch some beautiful passes from Doncic, they could make a great backcourt together.

Both the Wizards and the Mavericks would benefit from this trade. Wizards would get a younger player to build around and possibly some first-round picks. Mavericks would get a new co-star for Luka and one that, in theory, would fit better next to him than Porzingis ever did. It is an unlikely trade, due to the Wizards and Beal both being adamant that no trade will happen, but a fun one to think about.

Dwight Powell, 1st round pick(s) to Hornets; Terry Rozier to Mavericks

On the face of things, this is a very insignificant trade. Rozier is not the first player that comes to mind when Mavs needs are discussed and Powell is an important part of the rotation. Last season, he played 58 games and was a solid rotational forward/center for the squad. However, Rozier quietly had an amazing year for the Hornets last season and that should be reason enough for the Mavs to make this deal.

In terms of the Mavericks, making this deal is a no-brainer. Rozier is on a one-year contract and just had a career year. The former Louisville product scored in bunches, averaging 20.4 points on 45% shooting from the field and 38.9% from three. He also added 4.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists, with 1.3 steals as well. He has shown that, rather than with the ball, he can also play off the ball, which is perfect for what the Mavericks need. With Luka firmly controlling possession, Rozier would fit in as a catch-and-shoot option, next to Tim Hardaway on the wings.

For the Hornets, this deal would not only increase their big man rotation, currently headlined by Mason Plumlee, but also give the reigns of the team to LaMelo Ball. Rozier was great last season, but the real leader for the future is Ball and that is obvious. The 19-year-old Ball won Rookie of the Year and should he continue with his improvement, the Hornets can sleep peacefully. This deal is extracting some value out of Rozier, since resigning him would not make a lot of sense. He would command a lot of money and would probably have a worse year than this. In a new environment, he might thrive and the Hornets would get some assets for the future and Powell to bolster the frontcourt rotation.

The Mavericks simply need to strengthen their squad. As said multiple times above, Luka is a generational talent, and wasting it would be incredibly bad. Thankfully for the Mavericks faithful, Doncic is committed to the franchise, but if they are not careful, that commitment might expire.