There's plenty of reasons why the Dallas Mavericks signed Kyrie Irving. The first, and most obvious reason is the star's offensive capabilities. Kyrie's ability to score and create for himself and his teammates is extremely valuable. With a lack of firepower behind Luka Doncic, the former NBA champion definitely helps the team out on that side of the ball.

However, Irving dropped a rather hilarious take on why the Mavs brought him in. When asked about how it's like to guard Luka Doncic, the star point guard said that he feels like he's the one that's most able to guard the star. Irving then quipped that that's probably the reason why Dallas traded for him. (via ClutchPoints)

“I feel like I'm one of the guys that guards [Luka Doncic] the best. That's probably why I'm on this team.”

Guarding Luka is not an easy feat, not by any means. The Mavs star has an array of moves that he uses to create space on the course. Whether it's a stepback three, a sudden change-of-pace, or even a good old postup, Doncic has plenty of ways to dice defenders. Considering Irving's uninspiring reputation on defense, him saying this is definitely a bit of a surprise.

Still, we all know why the Mavs traded for Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline. The goal is to give Doncic the help he needs on offense. For the last two years, Doncic has been the sole engine of the offense. While it leads to amazing stats from the star, it hasn't been an effective winning strategy. We'll see if their lackluster post-trade deadline play is just an aberration.