There's a reason why Tony Snell used to get avoided by managers in the realm of fantasy basketball. Although he played significant minutes in the NBA, he was always a threat to lay eggs across the board. The Dallas Mavericks might have a Tony Snell situation on the team, with Reggie Bullock putting up a Snellesque stat line during the Mavs' 116-113 win over the Golden State Warriors at home Tuesday night (h/t Redditor Obvious_Parsley3238).

Bullock posted came off the bench for the Mavs against the Warriors, spending 14 minutes on the floor producing…nothing. He finished with zero points, zero rebounds, zero assists, zero turnovers, and zero fouls. He took just three shots, which he all missed, obviously. While there are other ways a player can contribute to a team beyond what the boxscore can capture, Bullock didn't seem to help his team either with whatever he did on the floor because he had a plus-minus of -14, which means that the Warriors outscored the Mavs by an average of one point every minute Dallas had Bullock inside.

Bullock is still trusted enough by the Mavs, who continue to give him consistently ample playing time. He is fourth on the team with 27.9 minutes per game. However, the total minutes he saw in the Golden State game were his fewest this season, so that's one aspect that can be monitored with regard to how the Mavs would shuffle their players. Prior to the win over the Warriors, the Mavs were on a four-game losing streak, during which Bullock averaged 26.5  minutes per game.