It looks like Dallas Mavericks fans can officially consider the Kyrie Irving-to-Mavs talks dead after it was revealed that the team has no interest at all in the Brooklyn Nets star.

The Mavs had been linked with Irving after Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that they were one of the “several suitors” for the playmaker alongside the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers. Nonetheless, it has since been revealed that the Purple and Gold are actually the only ones chasing for an Irving trade from the Nets.

Now according to Callie Caplan of the Dallas Morning News, the Mavs have “very little interest” in Irving even though the Nets reached out for a potential deal.

One would have expected the Mavs to be all over Kyrie Irving after losing Jalen Brunson to free agency. However, that’s not the case at all as the teams seems to want no part of the drama involving the veteran guard and one-time champion.

As Caplan noted, Jason Kidd’s “chemistry and accountability” mantra would be tested with Irving because of his attitude and overall beliefs. He just doesn’t seem to be the right fit in the culture that the Mavs have built and continue to improve.

Irving remains with the Nets, and while it’s likely he’ll get moved, the biggest question is more on when it will happen. Brooklyn is focused on dealing Kevin Durant, and any trade for Kyrie might come after or during that time as the franchise looks to get the best return they can.

If there is one thing certain: it’s the fact that the Mavs won’t be involved in any Irving trade talks.