When the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ were in a 2-0 hole against the Golden State Warriors, certain fans were not content and decided to take their frustrations to the internet.

Yesterday, a Twitter user decide to flame Sydel Curry, Stephen Curry‘s younger sister, just for attending the away game with her mother and grandmother.

Almost immediately, a different Twitter user brought this vulgar tweet to the attention of the flamer's employers. Much to his demise, he was let go from his position. The string of tweets can be seen here, via @warriorsworld:

Although this guy is obviously dealing with the stress of losing his job, he is trying to stay optimistic, especially about this situation he created. He continued to tweet how this recent Twitter drama only excites him.

Unfortunately for him, Sydel has no interest in continuing the flame war he started. After receiving a multitude of other offensive tweets, she simply decided to block him.

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Angelo Guinhawa ·

This guy  would probably think he trolled enough to truly did get under Sydel's skin, but she would likely say she was #unbothered.

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