The New York Mets have already been active at the 2022 MLB trade deadline, working the phones to bring in first baseman Daniel Vogelbach from the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as outfielder Tyler Naquin and pitcher Philip Diehl from the Cincinnati Reds.

However, those are small-scale moves and not the difference-making trades that fans were likely hoping for. New York has been linked to the likes of Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras and reliever David Robertson, as well as Baltimore Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini.

The Mets have even reportedly been in the mix for Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto and Los Angeles Angels two-way stud Shohei Ohtani.

Now, those would be difference-making trades for New York. But meaningful deals might be harder to come by at this year’s MLB trade deadline, given the massive asks involved, making them unrealistic.

Still, it’s fun for fans- especially Mets ones- to imagine these scenarios. Owner Steve Cohen hasn’t been afraid to throw money at this team in an effort to improve them.

We’ll examine those scenarios here. Here are two unrealistic deals for the Mets ahead of the MLB trade deadline.

2 Unrealistic Mets Deals Ahead of MLB Trade Deadline

2. Frankie Montas 

The Oakland Athletics set the bar high on the return for talented starter Frankie Montas earlier this year, as they reportedly asked the Chicago White Sox for talented young slugger Andrew Vaughn, the club’s best and most promising young hitter.

The Mets were also in the mix for Montas. However, if the price tag is going to rise so high as to include a top young hitter like that, then the Mets need to stay away. There’s no telling what Oakland could want in an MLB trade deadline deal for Montas.

It could possibly include one of the Mets’ top-five prospects, third basemen Brett Baty or shortstop Ronny Mauricio. That’s a price the Mets just shouldn’t be willing to pay for Montas, who is a fine starter but was viewed as a tier below Luis Castillo for a reason.

Plus, New York doesn’t really need a starter at the moment. The Mets rank fifth in baseball in team ERA, just had Max Scherzer return from injury and have ace Jacob deGrom in line to make his season debut on Tuesday. Why sell the farm for Montas when there’s no real need to?

It’s unrealistic.

1. Juan Soto 

This is a Mets fan’s dream. Not only would New York swipe Soto right from under the division-rival Nationals’ nose but they also would make a statement in the city as the new big-game hunters if they were able to land Soto over the Yankees.

And those are just the non-baseball reasons to trade for Soto. On the field, the man is a menace to pitch to, one who refuses to give a pitcher an inch, but one who also destroys pitcher mistakes. He is already among the game’s best hitters and is still just 23 years old.

Acquiring Soto would make the Mets premier World Series contenders in the National League. But is it really realistic?

First of all, the Nationals are seeking a monster return, one that MLB insiders expect to be the largest in the sport’s history if he is ultimately dealt. Not only that, but why in the world would the Nationals deal Soto to the Mets, their division rivals?

If that were to happen, the return would have to be even larger. Even larger than the largest return in sports history? That sounds like an overpay, even for Soto. As tempting as it is, it’s an unrealistic trade for the Mets.