The MLB offseason saw its first major move get made when Jacob deGrom decided to leave the New York Mets for the Texas Rangers. The Rangers handed deGrom a massive five-year, $185 million contract, and many folks were shocked by his decision to leave the Mets. That included longtime Mets fan Donovan Mitchell, who is a star guard in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mitchell, who is from New York, is a well known Mets fan who likely wasn't thrilled to see his favorite team's star pitcher ditch his longtime team. When asked about his thoughts on deGrom's departure, Mitchell offered a humorous response in which he said he's going to have to give deGrom a call and curse him out for his decision to leave.

It's always tough to see a star player depart the only club he's ever known, but that's exactly what deGrom is doing. Considering how he didn't even give the Mets a chance to match the deal he got from the Rangers, it looks like he's heading to Texas and not looking back. For many Mets fans, Mitchell included, that is obviously going to be a tough pill to swallow.

New York would have had a lot of work to do this offseason even if deGrom opted to stay in town, but that amount of work has increased one hundred times now that deGrom is headed to the Rangers. It will be tough for Donovan Mitchell and Mets fans everywhere to see him in a Rangers uniform next season, but if the Mets want to overcome his loss, they are going to have to move quickly to ensure they have enough talent to compete next season.