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Former Mets executive Zack Scott cleared of drunk driving charges

Mets, Zack Scott, Mets GM, Steve Cohen

Former New York Mets acting GM Zack Scott was facing drunk driving charges that stemmed from an incident in late-August following a fundraiser at team owner Steve Cohen’s house. Scott was arrested on drunk driving charges in September and was then fired by New York in November. The former Mets GM appeared in court in White Plains and was cleared on his two drunk driving charges.

Former Mets acting GM Zack Scott was cleared of his two drunk driving charges, per Tim Britton of The Athletic. Scott was arrested on the morning of August 31 after he allegedly fell asleep at the wheel of his car at a traffic light while making his way home from a fundraiser for the team’s foundation at owner Steve Cohen’s house.

Scott allegedly refused a breathalyzer. The former Mets GM was then fired in November and Cohen and New York opted to go with Billy Eppler in the GM’s chair.

The Scott incident is just one of several that have emerged in the Mets’ organization since Coehn took over the team, as former Mets GM Jared Porter was also fired when a scandal came to light.

While New York and Steve Cohen are certainly making headlines for their free agency dealings, they’ve also found the public spotlight for poor decisions, such as the one made by former GM Zack Scott.