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Meyers Leonard on DeMarcus Cousins: ‘He’s disrespectful, out of line’

The ongoing beef between Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins and Portland Trail Blazers forward Meyers Leonard is piling up like Texan-style cookout.

The latest chapter of their rivalry came on Tuesday night, when Cousins was ejected and then un-ejected after seemingly spitting his mouthpiece out toward the Blazers bench, landing right on the feet of a bewildered Leonard.

“He’s a very skilled player, had a very good game, but his antics are over the top,” Leonard lamented to The Oregonian’s Mike Richman. “He’s disrespectful, out of line, the list of words could go on. I can’t respect someone like that.”

It’s not the first time Boogie has popped off after games like this where he seems nearly unstoppable, but he’s built a habit of rubbing people (and by people I mean players, coaches, officials, media) the wrong way.

Cousins was visibly frustrated by the chain of events that led to the Kings eventual 126-121 win over the Blazers, but Leonard vehemently disagrees.

“I saw some comment from him about the world needs to see that this is ridiculous,” Leonard continued. “No, it’s not ridiculous. He did it to himself and that’s the truth. And people need to know that.”

After a while, if everyone thinks Cousins is the problem, maybe a self-evaluation needs to be in the cards for the big man — because while a 55-point night rises up his stock — fines, civil suits, and 10 technical fouls in 27 games drive his stock down more than he thinks it does.

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