Capcom has just revealed their next set of weapons for their new silkbind skill demonstrations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Their upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter Rise contains new monsters, new locales, new story content, and more. Today, the weapons showcase includes the Long Sword and the Lance, both of which have a new weapon and silkbind skills that completely change the weapon's playstyle to be more insane than before.

First up: The long sword for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has received a unique silkbind move that allows hunters to inflict more damage on enemies than ever before. As the trailer shows the hunter fighting against a Nargacuga, the new silkbind attack “Harvest Moon” lets the hunter cast a wide status effect ring in combat. Landing counter-attacks against enemies inside the ring will add additional hits to the enemy, and staying within the ring causes the hunter's spirit gauge to stop depleting. Along with the new silkbind move, a new weapon skill called the “Sacred Sakure Slash” allows hunters to perform a more powerful version of the Iai Slash, which can perform three powerful slashes in a row.

Next, the Lance has been given massive changes that allow for more aerial combat opportunities. Fighting against a barroth, the hunter can be seen performing the new Skyward Thrust skill bind attack, which thrusts the hunter's lance upwards and then slams the lance down towards the ground. Next up, the Shield Tackle weapon skill is revealed, as an alternative to the guard dash, which allows hunters to rush down enemy monsters while having a shield up, the shield tackle is instead a short reaching attack that does exactly what it says, allowing the hunter to advance forward while attacking and defending at the same time.

Overall, these new changes and additions to weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak have proven to be very interesting. With only a few more weapons left for Capcom to showcase, the wait for the June release continues to build.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be available on June 30th, 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.