Michael Irvin made his debut on “Undisputed” next to hosts Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman and Keyshawn Johnson Monday on FS1. Irvin, who is under suspension by NFL Network, is yet to have his status learned for the program ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

Irvin, who is a three-time Super Bowl champion, allegedly made inappropriate remarks to an employee of a hotel where he stayed during Super Bowl week in February. Marriott claims Irvin “made sexually offensive and racially charged comments to the employee” and that he said publicly he “had no recollection of what he said to [the employee] because he had been drinking,” according to a story by Pro Football Talk.

Irvin continues to be listed as a member of the NFL Game Day cast on NFL Network.

Here is what Pro Football Talk said about the status of Irvin.

“It's time for the NFL, which owns and operates NFL Network, to make a decision. Irvin allegedly made inappropriate remarks to an employee of the hotel where Irvin was staying during Super Bowl week, as part of his job with the league… Suspending him and potentially firing him for this creates a precedent that the league is surely not prepared to apply against others, especially team owners.”

Irvin was part of a hilarious debate in which Bayless, who is seen as the lead man on “Undisputed,” could barely even get a word in. Irvin, who played all of his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys, spoke about the team's trade for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance. There was also a debate between him and Sherman about body catches versus hand catches as a receiver.