The Michigan football team is 3-0 on the season after wins against East Carolina, UNLV and Bowling Green. In those first two games, the Wolverines got ahead early and didn't look back, and everything looked good for Michigan. However, last weekend against Bowling Green wasn't the best performance by the Wolverines. They ended up being just fine, coasting to a 31-6 win, but it was a 7-6 game late into the first half. A big reason for that was because of turnovers. Michigan ended up having four of them in the game, and three were on interceptions from JJ McCarthy. That's not going to fly when Michigan plays Penn State and Ohio State, and Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt thinks that fans should be a little bit concerned.

“With what’s going on in the Big Ten East, namely Penn State and Ohio State? I would feel antsy if I were you, Michigan fans,” Klatt said on his show, The Joel Klatt show. “The one thing that will derail your season faster than anything else is if JJ McCarthy starts to turn the ball over. That’s why I would be antsy.”

JJ McCarthy has had some very good moments, but he does make some mistakes at times. He's going to have to clean those mistakes up if this team wants to reach their goals.

“I know you’re going to run the football fine, I really do,” Klatt continued. “I’m pretty confident that the defense is going to play really well. The one unknown is how efficient can JJ play? Now, he was really good a year ago until late. Obviously, the TCU game, it got a little bit loose, and guess what? They lost.”

McCarthy threw two pick-sixes in that game, and Michigan football ended up losing by six points. When the lights are shining brightest this season, that can't happen.