Unless you follow Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer on social media, it has likely been a while since you heard any official updates on his return to baseball. However, MLB Insider Jon Heyman recently shared the following news in regards to Bauer’s potential return to MLB. 

“MLB hope is to have a decision on Trevor Bauer’s possible discipline by about April 16, the date his administrative leave expires. MLB is hoping to interview Bauer but no evidence they have done so as of yet.”

The league is continuing their investigation into reports of sexual assault claims which were made against the former Cy Young Award winner last season. His administrative leave was recently extended to April 16th, so it makes sense that the league would want to have a final decision on his future by that date. 

Bauer was cleared of charges earlier in the offseason after an extensive investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. So although he will not face any criminal or legal charges, MLB could still implement disciplinary measures as a result of the league’s domestic violence policy. 

Bauer has been vocal about his opinion on his situation. He has called out a media outlet for defamation and congratulated Deshaun Watson on landing a contract with the Browns after Watson had been dealing with his own sexual assault accusations. 

His future with the Dodgers is extremely unclear. There is no guarantee that Bauer will ever throw another pitch with the Dodgers even if he receives no form of suspension. 

We should at least know what the future holds for Trevor Bauer in terms of returning to the MLB by April 16th.