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Liam Hendriks reveals key to Chicago White Sox’s turnaround

Liam Hendriks, Chicago White Sox, Tony La Russa

After an ugly start to the 2022 MLB season, the Chicago White Sox have really turned things around heading into the month of September, currently sitting with a 71-68 record.

But why? How did the team get back on track and position themselves to take a real shot at making the American League playoffs? Well, Liam Hendriks has a pretty good idea, as he detailed to Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

“The attitude in here has been more yelling at each other,” Liam Hendriks said, “which is something we thrive on. It’s obviously paying dividends. You can see we’re having fun, cheering, there’s no dead spots in the dugout or anything like that. You just kind of make fun of everybody, and that kind of flows into it. Those positive vibes can change the course of a season. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s supportive, sometimes it’s ‘you look stupid, I’m going to make fun of you.'”

Welp, there you go; all the Sox needed was to have a little fun and work together as a team instead of getting angry at each other for things not working. Chicago has won eight of its last 10 games by a combined score of 60-27, and once manager Tony La Russa clears the final hurdle in his recovery and finally returns to his role as the team’s manager, things will rapidly come into place for a strong push for the playoffs and hopefully a long run deep into October.

Considering how things were going for the White Sox earlier in the season, that is a pretty impressive accomplishment indeed.