After six seasons of putrid to middling results, the Texas Rangers have burst onto the contending scene in a big way, even emerging as a legitimate challenger to the Houston Astros' AL West crown. But as of late, the Astros have been making a hard charge for the Rangers' lead in the division, with the reigning World Series champion taking the first two games of what could end up being a pivotal series come season's end.

Thus, with the AL West lead hanging in the balance, it's no surprise that the Rangers will be one of the most active teams with there being just one week before the MLB trade deadline passes. And per Mark Feinsand of, general manager Chris Young and company will be looking at reinforcements on the pitching front, particularly the bullpen given where they stand on the league's totem pole in that department.

“[They'll upgrade the] bullpen for sure,” an unnamed American League executive said. “They also want a starter; they’re worried about [Martín] Pérez and [Jon] Gray.”

As Feinsand noted, the Rangers' bullpen ranks 27th in ERA, a stark contrast to their starting rotation which ranks fifth in the league. But their starting rotation certainly has room to improve given Perez's mediocrity this season as well as Gray's struggles as of late.

Feinsand also added that Rangers owner Ray Davis is “heavily engaged”, making a blockbuster move or two to bolster the team's pitching corps a matter of when, not if — especially when the race for the AL West crown is as heated as ever.