MLB The Show 24 Update 13 adds a brand new field to play on, as well as the new Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect Uniforms. The Show 24 is also adding a brand new Willie Mays Storyline, honoring the baseball legend who sadly passed away earlier this week. Although we mourn the loss of a great man and baseball player, we can also celebrate his life on the virtual field starting today. Let's check out the full Patch Notes for MLB The Show Update 13, and see everything else that's new.

MLB The Show 24 Update 13 Patch Notes

PS4: 1.13
PS5: 1.013
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 1.0.95
Nintendo Switch: 1.13

Scheduled to deploy: June 20th/4 AM PT


  • Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect uniform has been added.
  • The historic Rickwood Field is now available to play.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Wild Card selection to instantly close when attempting to re-select another card.


  • The message board will now display the correct teams for game results.


  • Added 10 new props in collaboration with the release of Rickwood Field.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an incorrect player model to display during the team select menu in Play Now.
  • Various commentary bug fixes and improvements.


  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes in this update.

Firstly, the two biggest additions to MLB The Show 24 Update 13 were the new Los Angeles Dodgers' City Connect Uniforms and the new Rickwood Field. You can now don these new Dodgers uniforms as you hit home runs with stars like Shohei Ohtani. Furthermore, you'll even get to play on the newly added Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in the U.S.A.

However, this update did more than just add a field and uniform. In fact, Diamond Dynasty, Custom Leagues, and Stadium Creator all received some love in this update as well. With the release of Rickwood Field, Stadium Creators now have 10 new props to play with.

Lastly, the update mentioned a few miscellaneous fixes. They fixed a bug that caused incorrect player models to display during the Play Now team select menu. While kind of funny, it sometimes confused players, Furthermore, this update sees more commentary bug fixes and improvements. However, the developers did not release any gameplay or live content balance changes. Therefore, this update does not include any dev notes.

Overall, that includes all the MLB The Show 24 Update 13 Patch Notes. We look forward to playing on Rickwood Field before the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants do the same tonight at 7:15PM ET. Furthermore, the new Dodgers' City Connect Uniforms will be available to wear as well, adding more customization to the game.

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