This one is interesting. Is Warriors center Mo Speights trolling his followers, or speaking out about the future to come?

The Los Angeles Lakers are rumored to go after both Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli this summer when they become restricted free agents.

Speights, while filming his two teammates sitting at a table, made a Snapchat story with the caption ‘Future Lakers meeting up @ breakfast lol over 150 million.' He's certainly kidding, but I'm not sure if many fans of the Dubs will find it funny.

snapchat/mo speights
snapchat/Mo Speights

The Warriors have eight free agents upcoming this summer, four restricted and four unrestricted. There is a chance one of the two could leave if another team offers them a deal that the Warriors aren't willing to at least match. Barnes has played well enough to earn a nice pay raise this summer, even predicted by this teammate Andrew Bogut.