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Monster Hunter Rise meets Street Fighter in Capcom Collab 3

Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom Collab 3, Street Fighter

We now have three collaborations in Monster Hunter Rise with the latest addition of Akuma. His Monster Hunter debut through Capcom Collab 3 comes with his actual voice lines and his special moves that we typically see in Street Fighter. In the previous collaborations, Monster Hunter Rise introduced armor sets from Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Amaterasu from Okami. On August 27, 2021, it’s Akuma’s turn to slay some legendary beasts. 

In order to obtain Akuma’s Layered Armor, players simply need to complete his event quest from Capcom Collab 3. What makes the Layered Armor so special is it actually converts a player’s kunai attacks into Akuma’s iconic moves. We’re actually going to witness moves such as Gohadoken and Zanku Hadoken enter the Monster Hunter universe. Players can now slay monsters in a more unorthodox manner, throwing out Street Fighter combos left and right. Also, whenever players complete quests with Akuma’s armor equipped, you will get his very own quest completion animation. 

Capcom Collab 3 isn’t the first time we’ve seen Akuma make a special appearance in a triple-a title. Previously, he had a feud with the Mishima clan in TEKKEN 7 and no doubt he conquered that universe. This time around, he’ll be feuding with monsters to collect their remains or probably capture them for research purposes. 

Monster Hunter Rise got a lot of praise for its hunting experience. Players felt that there were significant changes to the game which made it better than previous titles. In fact, Monster Hunter Rise sold over four million copies on its opening weekend which nearly topped Monster Hunter World. Now with these spectacular collaborations coming into the game, it’ll be no surprise that more players would come along. We can expect news about Capcom Collab 4 and 5 come fall.