Capcom has revealed their May digital Event for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch and PC. The digital event showcased a ton of new content for the game, including monsters, skills, and more, all within a 16-minute video demonstration. The biggest reveals during the digital event include the reveal of  Malzeno’s fighting style, one returning monster, two new monster variants, follower quests, and the new switch skill swap system. For those that didn’t get a chance to watch the digital event, or need a recap of all the content revealed, here’s a quick rundown:

New monsters and attacks

As one of their returning monsters from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Seregios will now be included in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Seregios is a sharp blade wyvern who focuses on using aerial diving attacks to destroy its enemies. It also sprouts sharp scales whenever it becomes enraged, and hunters must fight with caution as its sharp attacks can cause a bleeding effect, forcing hunters to continuously lose health during battle.

As part of the new collection of variants, Aurora Somnacanth focuses on using ice attacks. Aurora Somnacanth can also slide around using its ice state to attack hunters swiftly, and use ice breath instead of sleep breath to freeze hunters in place.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, May Digital Event, Capcom, Nintendo Switch, Aurora Somnacanth

Magma Almudron, the fire variant of Almudron, uses various fire attacks instead of mud to ignite hunters and strike with hard-hitting attacks. It can also dig in and out of the ground while giving itself powerful magma armor.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, May Digital Event, Capcom, Nintendo Switch, Magma Almudron

Along with the new additional monsters, all master rank monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will have at least one new attack skill at their disposal, such as Aknosom’s new backstep into somersault combo, and Tigrex’s new bite into spin attack combo. With these new attacks, even the most seasoned hunters will have to stay on their toes.

New details on Malzeno

As the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Malzeno is an elder dragon with a very vampiric appearance, along with a fighting style that will strike fear into the heart of any hunter. Malzeno’s main ability is the power to grab and absorb the life force of any creature it can capture. The more life it can absorb in combat, the more powerful it can become. It also has certain attacks that will cause a hunter to gain a “bloodblight” debuff status. While bloodblight is active, hunters will constantly lose health, and will only be able to recover health by attacking Malzeno until the debuff ends (assuming that hunters will not be able to recover health with potions while bloodblight is active.)

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, May Digital Event, Capcom, Nintendo Switch, Malzeno


As a new feature solely available for solo players, follower quests will now be available in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Follower quests allow hunters to bring along NPC hunters during quests, each with their own unique weapons, armors, and fighting styles. Some of these followers include Fioranye, Luchika, Jae, Hinoa, Minoto, and many others.

Evolved Hunter Actions

The biggest reveal of the digital event is the new hunter actions that will be available in-game, starting with the Switch Skill Swap function, allowing hunters to switch between two sets of silkbind skills during combat, which will open a whole new layer of combat opportunities that were never possible before. Players will also be able to perform a Swap Evade move which will allow their hunters to use Switch Skill Swap while dodging enemy attacks while creating fast and exciting options for offensive and defensive playstyles.

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Outside of the new skills and abilities, various quality-of-life additions have been added, such as being able to start a wall run without having to use a wirebug, or being able to attack mounts while they’re in a mountable state. Lastly, the showcase announces that intro videos for all 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be released periodically starting on May 16th, 2022.

To close out the digital event, the showcase recaps product info for the game, such as the extra content that can be unlocked with the deluxe edition of the game, pre-order bonuses, amiibo support for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, and other details that were previously revealed during the digital event in March. As a brand new announcement, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for Monster Hunter Rise will be available around the release of the game, which sports a unique design based on Malzeno.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, May Digital Event, Capcom, Nintendo Switch, Pro Controller

Overall, the May Digital Event was slightly shorter than previous events, but as the game draws closer to its June release, the upcoming intro videos will give fans even more content to look forward to, so hunters should keep their eyes and ears open in the coming weeks for even more details.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be available on June 30th, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. For more details on the game, check out our Monster Hunter Rise articles here at Clutchpoints.