Muhammad Mokaev has his UFC debut set for March 19. The flyweight prospect recently announced his signing to the UFC and many have been waiting to see who he will be booked against.

Muhammad Mokaev actually asked to fight this opponent and the UFC looks to happily oblige. The undefeated prospect will be looking to kick things off with a bang.

Cody Durden will be the man to take on Muhammad Mokaev at a UFC Fight Night event set for March 19. The news was first reported by MMAJunkie. Durden has been a controversial fighter after he made xenophobic comments after his last fight.

Muhammad Mokaev called out Cody Durden and said he wanted to teach him a lesson. He revealed he was hoping to fight him next on Twitter.

“I don’t like Cody Durden racist comment in his interview. Should I smash this guy for my UFC debut?”

It appears the UFC liked the fight and will be leaning into the sort of ‘trash talk' that he likes to do. Mokaev likes to confront racism and xenophobia stemming from his experience moving to England.

The now Englishman has a very exciting future in the UFC and many are hoping he will add fresh blood in the flyweight division. There are many exciting fights to make for him and the options are endless.

The undefeated prospect will be hoping to get started quickly in the UFC and make a mark in the flyweight division. March 19 is his debut and the fight against Cody Durden will be a good one to get things started.