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Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns takes hilarious NBA 2K20 jab at Ronnie 2K


NBA players love playing the NBA 2K series as it is one of the best basketball games on the market. However, it seems like the Minnesota TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony Towns is frustrated with his 2K20 rating and is taking it out on popular 2K figure Ronnie Singh.

Singh, better known to the gaming public as Ronnie 2K, posted an image of himself, Towns, and Rich Kleiman on his Twitter bio. He said in the caption that the three of them plan to change the way their respective industries work.

However, Towns was quick to give a playful jab at the YouTuber-turned-Director of Sports Business Operation at 2K Sports. We can assume that the hit had something to do with his 2K rating.

A quick look at his 2K20 ratings immediately gives fans an idea why he made the joke. His 2K20 rating started at 89, two points lower than his 91 starting rating in 2K19.

The three-point drop may have something to do with the Timberwolves’ losing record, and that in itself is understandable. However, the numbers prove that the Minnesota big man actually deserves a ratings boost.

He finished the 2018-19 season with better averages in points (24.4), rebounds (12.4), assists (3.4), and blocks (1.6) compared to his previous season.

However, Towns doesn’t have to whine excessively about his ratings. The 2K series is one where the players’ ratings change according to their on-court performances. If he starts the season on the right foot and string together nice victories for the Wolves, it’s not impossible to see his rating rise back up to 91.

Until then, he has to work hard to get his 2K20 rating back.