NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Duo Cards are special cards that work better if paired with another card. They come in pairs, as the name suggests, and knowing about them will help you build a better team without spending much MT aiming for the more expensive cards. With the correct pairings, your Ruby cards can be as good as Amethyst cards, and your Diamond cards can even rival Galaxy Opal cards. Hence, we’ve gathered all information we can to build this list of all NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Duos Cards in the game right now. We’ll also keep updating this list as additional cards get added to the game as we go along NBA 2K22‘s numerous Seasons.

There are several dozens of NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Duos Cards right now.

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Grade and OVRPlayer Card NamePositionDuos Partner
Ame 90 OVRVlade DivacCRuby 88 OVR Mike Bibby
Ruby 88 OVRJason TerryPG/SGEme 81 OVR Dirk Nowitzki
Ruby 88 OVRSteve NashPG/SGSap 85 OVR Amar’e Stoudemire
Ruby 88 OVRMike BibbyPG/SGAme 90 OVR Vlade Divac
Ruby 88 OVRJason KiddPG/SGSap 85 OVR Drazen Petrovic
Ruby 88 OVRAustin CarrSF/SGSap 85 OVR LeBron James
Ruby 88 OVRIsiah ThomasPG/SGSap 85 OVR Bill Laimbeer
Sap 85 OVRVince CarterSFSap 85 OVR Chris Bosh
Sap 85 OVRGilbert ArenasPG/SGEme 81 OVR Caron Butler
Sap 85 OVRArvydas SabonisCSap 85 OVR Clyde Drexler
Sap 85 OVRMahmoud Abdul-RaufPG/SGEme 81 OVR Carmelo Anthony
Sap 85 OVRDwyane WadeSG/SFGold 77 OVR Eddie Jones
Sap 85 OVRKawhi LeonardSFEme 81 OVR David Robinson
Sap 85 OVRMichael JordanSGSap 85 OVR Scottie Pippen
Sap 85 OVRGary PaytonPG/SGSap 85 OVR Shawn Kemp
Sap 85 OVRAllen IversonSG/PGEme 81 OVR Joel Embiid
Sap 85 OVRDrazen PetrovicSG/SFRuby 88 OVR Jason Kidd
Sap 85 OVRGlen RiceSF/PFSap 85 OVR Alonzo Mourning
Sap 85 OVRCarlos BoozerPF/CSap 85 OVR Deron Williams
Sap 85 OVRClyde DrexlerSG/SFSap 85 OVR Arvydas Sabonis
Sap 85 OVRKevin GarnettPF/CGold 78 OVR Karl-Anthony Towns
Sap 85 OVRDeron WilliamsPG/SGSap 85 OVR Carlos Boozer
Sap 85 OVRStephen CurryPG/SGEme 81 OVR Andre Iguodala
Sap 85 OVRAmar’e StoudemirePF/CSap 88 OVR Steve Nash
Sap 85 OVRMoses MaloneCSap 85 OVR Rudy Tomjanovich
Sap 85 OVRLeBron JamesSFRuby 88 OVR Austin Carr
Sap 85 OVRChris BoshPF/CSap 85 OVR Vince Carter
Sap 85 OVRTim DuncanPF/CEme 81 OVR George Gervin
Sap 85 OVRKevin WillisPF/CGold 78 OVR Doc Rivers
Sap 85 OVRKevin JohnsonPG/SGEme 81 OVR Devin Booker
Sap 85 OVRShawn KempPF/CSap 85 OVR Gary Payton
Sap 85 OVRAlonzo MourningCSap 85 OVR Glen Rice
Sap 85 OVRBryant ReevesCEme 81 OVR Ja Morant
Sap 85 OVRRudy TomjanovichSF/PFSap 85 OVR Moses Malone
Sap 85 OVRTerry CummingsPFSap 85 OVR Mark Aguirre
Sap 85 OVRBill LaimbeerCRuby 88 OVR Isiah Thomas
Sap 85 OVRDeAndre JordanCEme 81 OVR Chris Paul
Sap 85 OVRChris WebberPF/CEme 81 OVR Juwan Howard
Sap 85 OVRMark AguirreSF/PFSap 85 OVR Terry Cummings
Sap 85 OVRScottie PippenSFSap 85 OVR Michael Jordan
Eme 81 OVRPaul GeorgeSF/PFEme 81 OVR Domantas Sabonis
Eme 81 OVRKlay ThompsonSG/SFGold 78 OVR Steve Kerr
Eme 81 OVRCarmelo AnthonySF/PFSap 85 OVR Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Eme 81 OVRGeorge GervinSFSap 85 OVR Tim Duncan
Eme 81 OVRJeff HornacekSG/PGGold 77 OVR Hersey Hawkins
Eme 81 OVRDevin BookerSG/SFSap 85 OVR Kevin Johnson
Eme 81 OVRJuwan HowardPF/CSap 85 OVR Chris Webber
Eme 81 OVRJa MorantPG/SGSap 85 OVR Bryant Reeves
Eme 81 OVRDavid RobinsonCSap 85 OVR Kawhi Leonard
Eme 81 OVRBen GordonSGEme 81 OVR Kirk Hinrich
Eme 81 OVRPatrick EwingCGold 75 OVR R.J. Barett
Eme 81 OVRCaron ButlerSFSap 85 OVR Gilbert Arenas
Eme 81 OVRDirk NowitzkiPF/CRuby 88 OVR Jason Terry
Eme 81 OVRKevin DurantSF/PFEme 81 OVR Russell Westbrook
Eme 81 OVRChris PaulPG/SGSap 85 OVR DeAndre Jordan
Eme 81 OVRAndre IguodalaSF/PFSap 85 OVR Stephen Curry
Eme 81 OVRBill RussellCGold 77 OVR John Havlicek
Eme 81 OVRRussell WestbrookPG/SGEme 81 OVR Kevin Durant
Eme 81 OVRJoel EmbiidCSap 85 OVR Allen Iverson
Eme 81 OVRMichael ReddSG/SFGold 77 OVR Khris Middleton
Eme 81 OVRKirk HinrichPG/SGEme 81 OVR Ben Gordon
Eme 81 OVRRashard LewisPFGold 76 OVR Hedo Turkoglu
Eme 81 OVRDomantas SabonisC/PFEme 81 OVR Paul George
Eme 81 OVRCliff RobinsonPF/CGold 75 OVR Scot Pollard
Eme 81 OVRKobe BryantSG/SGGold 78 OVR Derek Fisher
Gold 78 OVRDerek FisherPG/SGEme 81 OVR Kobe Bryant
Gold 78 OVRSteve KerrPG/SGEme 81 OVR Klay Thompson
Gold 78 OVRKarl-Anthony TownsCSap 85 OVR Kevin Garnett
Gold 78 OVRDoc RiversPG/SGSap 85 OVR Kevin Willis
Gold 78 OVRAntoine WalkerPF/SFGold 74 OVR Paul Pierce
Gold 78 OVRClark KelloggPF/CGold 77 OVR Herb Williams
Gold 77 OVRChristian LaettnerPF/CGold 77 OVR JJ Redick
Gold 77 OVRHersey HawkinsSGEme 81 OVR Jeff Hornacek
Gold 77 OVRJJ RedickSG/SFGold 77 OVR Christian Laettner
Gold 77 OVRStephon MarburyPG/SGGold 76 OVR Keith Van Horn
Gold 77 OVREddie JonesSG/SFSap 85 OVR Dwyane Wade
Gold 77 OVRAnderson VarejaoC/PFGold 72 OVR Leandro Barbosa
Gold 77 OVRHerb WilliamsCGold 78 OVR Clark Kellogg
Gold 77 OVRBrandon IngramSF/PFGold 73 OVR Peja Stojakovic
Gold 77 OVRGordon HaywardSFGold 76 OVR Rudy Gobert
Gold 77 OVRJohn HavlicekSFEme 81 OVR Bill Russell
Gold 76 OVRHedo TurkogluSF/PFEme 81 OVR Rashard Lewis
Gold 76 OVRKeith Van HornPFGold 77 OVR Stephon Marbury
Eme 80 OVRRudy GobertCGold 77 OVR Gordon Hayward
Gold 75 OVRScot PollardCEme 81 OVR Cliff Robinson
Gold 75 OVRR.J. BarrettSFEme 81 OVR Patrick Ewing
Gold 74 OVRPaul PierceSF/PFGold 78 OVR Antoine Walker
Gold 77 OVRPeja StojakovicSF/PFGold 77 OVR Brandon Ingram
Gold 72 OVRLeandro BarbosaPG/SGGold 77 OVR Anderson Varejao

That’s the list of all NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Duos Cards as of the latest update of Season 1: Call to Ball. For more NBA 2K22 guides, check out our NBA 2K22 guides tag.