NBA All-Star news: Warriors' Kevin Durant reacts to Stephen Curry's 4-point play on Klay Thompson
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Warriors’ Kevin Durant reacts to Stephen Curry’s 4-point play on Klay Thompson

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Warriors

For Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry’s four-point play is Klay Thompson’s karma.

During the fourth quarter of the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, Stephen Curry pulled off a four-point play against Klay Thompson. After receiving a cross-court pass from Russell Westbrook, Curry made a quick release from beyond the arc and baited Thompson for the foul.

As he has been doing all season long, Curry made the shot before completing the play from the charity stripe.

The two-time MVP was all smiles after making the shot, and Kevin Durant admitted that he can’t blame Curry for being in a happy mood given all the trash talking that Thompson did.

Thompson finished the game with a better stat line than Curry. The former ended up with 20 points on 43.8 percent shooting, while the latter made 17 on a 26.1 field goal percentage.

Not to mention that Thompson and Team LeBron won the game over Curry and Team Giannis, 178-164.

However, Curry will surely enjoy reminding Thompson about this play. It’s first-class trash talk material, and it’s something that Klay can’t just counter.

For the two Warriors teammates, though, they better keep the trash talking to themselves and not involve Durant. After all, KD was the All-Star Game MVP following his 31-point, seven-rebound outing.