NBA All-Star video: Warriors' Stephen Curry shares moment with Sixers legend Allen Iverson
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Video: Warriors’ Stephen Curry shares moment with Sixers legend Allen Iverson

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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry had a chance to interact with Hall of Famer Allen Iverson during the early goings of the All-Star Game.

Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson are considered two of the greatest guards in the history of the league. Both of them each found a unique way to revolutionize the game of basketball, and they used those to be effective players during their careers.

Allen Iverson was one of the players who made crossovers and creative ball handling popular during the 2000s. Despite only being six feet tall, AI stood his ground in a league dominated by giants. He used his speed to his advantage, making him one of the most difficult guards to handle in the NBA during his prime.

Stephen Curry’s story can be compared to Iverson. The three-time champion is the primary reason why the NBA transitioned into a league filled with 3-point shooters. Even seven-footers who focused their offensive arsenal in the painted area had to learn how to shoot from beyond the arc in order for them to remain relevant in the league.

But as revolutionary as they were, both Step and AI also share several differences.

First, Allen Iverson never played for a superteam. The closest thing he got to that was when he was traded to the Denver Nuggets to team-up with Carmelo Anthony.

On the other hand, Stephen Curry has been playing with multiple All-Stars for the majority of his career. Even before Kevin Durant joined the Warriors a couple of years ago, Steph had already made a name for himself.

Still, it’s nice to see both of these game-changers share a moment during the All-Star festivities. As the old adage goes, real recognizes real.