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Lottery teams eager to bring own medical staff to examine Michael Porter Jr. in potential Friday workout

Michael Porter Jr.

In light of Michael Porter’s sudden cancellation of his second pro day, due to a strained hip, his recent MRI brought better news than anticipated. This has enticed lottery teams — impressed by Porter’s first pro workout — to bring their own medical staff to his rescheduled second pro day to do further tests, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Porter suffered from hip spams which kept him from attending his originally scheduled Thursday workout in Chicago, which teams interested were informed of it late Wednesday night.

Having undergone an MRI this morningESPN’s Jonathan Givony tweeted this statement coming from Porter’s camp — an update from the previous cancellation alert.

“Porter will be evaluated again tonight and if the doctor feels Michael is moving well enough to go through the medical evaluation tomorrow, then we are going to proceed with the evaluation at 3 p.m. CST tomorrow.

After being shut down to do strengthening/core stabilization work for his first 4 weeks in Chicago, and then being ramped up as hard as he was the last 3 weeks, Michael developed some inflammation that wrapped around his nerve and caused massive spasms.

This is very similar to when you hear of a player being out for a few days because of back spasms, and then the spasms dissipate and everything is back to normal. We are being told that is exactly what we expect to happen to Michael.”

It’s worthy to note that Porter missed most of his freshman season with the Missouri Tigers due to a back injury, which made his stock take a dip after being considered among the top two NBA prospects coming out of high school.

The injury risk is a definite red flag for teams that are high on his talent, but wary of his durability issues, which could pose a problem down the road if he’s deemed damaged goods.