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HQ trivia game ups the stakes for the Cavs-Warriors matchup

LeBron James, Stephen Curry

Trivia contests are always a thing, especially in this age of social media in which folks have a bigger platform to broadcast just how bigger their brains are compared to others. But even without that arrogant motivation, people are just naturally driven to try their hand in answering questions.

Enter one of the hottest apps these days in HQ Trivia, which gives out cash prizes divided among users who could answer 12 questions in a row correctly. Usually, the prizes are not that lucrative, though, that has not stopped people from going crazy playing the game.

The app, however, is expected to grow even more popular, as it is being reported by Sean Hollister of CNET that HQ Trivia is having an NBA twist in time for the finals between the Warriors and the Cavs. App users (or contestants) have the chance to have a piece of a fatter prize beginning in Game 1 this Thursday in which the total purse is at $100,000.

Here’s the rest of the details, per Hollister.

To celebrate the NBA Finals — which kick off tomorrow — HQ Trivia will give away $100,000 for Game 1, $200,000 for Game 2, $300,000 for Game 3, a record-breaking $400,000 for Game 4, and you guessed it, $500,000 for Game 5, $600,000 for Game 6, and $700,000 for Game 7.

Assuming the series stretches to seven games, that is.

If you’re interested to join, take note of the following schedule of the contests.

Though HQ Trivia hosts two games each day, you’ll only have a stab at the big new prizes during the evening slot. Tune in at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET each NBA Finals day if you want a chance to win one.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals will be this Thursday night at Oracle Arena, home of the Warriors.