NBA commissioner Adam Silver has set a loose deadline for CBA negotiations, per NBA reporter Mike Vorkunov. The league is currently in the process of working out a new CBA deal, but Silver says the league intends to opt out of the current CBA if no deal is reached by March 31st.

“Adam Silver said if there is no deal on a new CBA by March 31 at midnight and barring ‘something' else happening, the league intends to opt-out of this current CBA by June 30. A possibility to create another extension after Friday exists but that's hypothetical, Silver said,” Vorkunov wrote on Twitter.

The NBA would obviously prefer to avoid a potential lockout if possible. However, the league is going to stand firm until a fair CBA deal is reached.

The new CBA would address load management, minimal age to enter the NBA draft, and a number of other important topics. However, the NBA and NBPA need to come to an agreement of sorts on a number of those topics. In the end, both sides can't get exactly what they want, so some compromise will be crucial.

Silver has commented on pressing NBA topics such as load management in the past. Load management has drawn criticism from fans, but injuries are continuing to plague the NBA. The league would love to find a balance, but pleasing fans and the NBPA will prove to be a difficult task.

We will continue to monitor and provide updates on the NBA CBA situation as they are made available.