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Barack Obama has a max contract from all NBA teams, he tells us who he’d pick

After serving two four-year terms as President of the United States, where he quickly turned his hair old and gray, Barack Obama is now living a much-simpler life. From dealing with the countless sensitive issues around the world, he’s now just making guest appearances here and there, answering much-simpler questions.

Among the light-themed functions he’s attended recently is the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Sports Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. He talked sports among other things, and Reason.Com gave us the audio of the interesting conversation.

Craig Robinson, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

Eugene Tanner/The Associated Press

It’s known by almost everyone that Obama is a huge basketball fan, so when things switched to that topic, it’s expected he’d get one question that’s NBA-related.

INTERVIEWER: You’re an NBA All-Star, you’re a free agent this off-season, every team is offering you the max contract, which teams would you choose to meet with in free agency and why?

OBAMA: This is an outstanding fantasy. I’m just basking in the scenario…
I think it’s fair to say that there are organizations in the NBA or the NFL, that may not win every year, but have created the kind of culture that I was referring to earlier. They’re smart, they’re well ran, they’re focused on team, they treat everyone in the organization with respect, and that is the kind of organization that I would want to be apart of. And so I will say that over the last 15 years in basketball, San Antonio [Spurs] would be a great example of that.

The former President actually stuttered a bit before being able to answer, as he jokingly noted that he didn’t want to “hurt” his friends who are current NBA part-owners. Being a proud Chicago native, he might’ve also thought about the Bulls.

Nevertheless, it’s still a safe and sure pick if you are an All-Star. The Spurs are a model franchise from top to bottom. It’s a simple fact.

Saying the San Antonio Spurs are the most well-ran organization in the NBA is like saying Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time. It’s just the consensus and the franchise is consistently proving why they deserve such a label.

Now let’s imagine how great of tandem Obama and Gregg Popovich would be in terms of leadership and keeping everyone motivated.