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Ben Wallace drops truth bomb on shocking state of the NBA

Ben Wallace, Pistons, NBA

Detroit Pistons legends Ben Wallace has some harsh words for the NBA and it’s current state of play.

Wallace, who served as the Pistons’ representative during the draft lottery on Tuesday, did not hold back in his assessment of the league and the obvious decrease in physicality compared to previous generations. According to the four-time Defensive Player of the Year and certified NBA bad boy, the league has truly gone “soft.”

“I think the game has gotten a little bit soft,” Wallace shared, per Rod Beard of The Detroit News.

The 46-year-old retired center also highlighted his belief that he would thrive in today’s game, implying that since he’s an undersized big man in an era of giants, he wasn’t able to unleash his full potential. In the modern NBA that puts emphasis on spacing and mobility–where guards succeed and mobile big men dominate–he is just a perfect fit.

 “My game would be tailor-made for today’s game. In my prime, I was that guy on the floor out of place because of my size … the game was build for giants,” the Pistons icon added.

With the way the game is being played today–with foul calls and flopping prominent–Ben Wallace might not be wrong with both of his statements. A  lot of fans have also criticized the NBA for being too soft, with simple hard fouls causing ejection and players and superstars flopping intensely just to get calls and free throws.

Unfortunately, that is the frustrating reality the NBA is in right now. While there is still beauty in the modern game where smaller players dominate, the league could surely use some old school basketball with intense physicality.