The ending of the Knicks vs. Pistons game on Monday night is so chaotic that it has social media buzzing with takes! With 20 seconds remaining and the Knicks down by one, Jalen Brunson missed a 3-pointer.

Quentin Grimes grabbed the rebound and passed it to Simone Fontecchio, who then turned it over to Isaiah Hartenstein. Hartenstein passed it to Donte DiVincenzo, in which Ausar Thompson of the Pistons stolet the ball and attempted to run the ball back downcourt.

DiVincenzo regained possession and Josh Hart made a clutch and-1 lay-up. He missed the free throw, but the Knicks grabbed the rebound and ultimately sealed the win.


There are a lot of takes out on Twitter/X about how the game ended. There's a huge discussion on if Donte DiVincenzo fouled Thompson as he lunged to get the ball back after it was stolen from him. Pistons coach Monty Williams surely was fired up in his postgame press conference.

“Where's the New York media now? The absolute worst call of the season. No call. And enough's enough. We've, we've done it the right way. We've called the league. We've sent in clips. We're sick of hearing the same stuff over and over again. We had a chance to win the game. And the guy dove into Assar's legs. And there was a no call. That, that's an abomination.

He added, “You cannot miss that in an NBA game. And I'm tired of talking about it. I'm tired of our guys asking me, ‘What more can we do, Coach?' That situation is exhibit A to what we've been dealing with all season long. And enough's enough. You cannot dive into a guy's legs in a big-time game like that and there be a no-call.”

Others were more amused at the finish than Williams was for obvious reasons.

“Knicks and Pistons just played HOF Looney tunes basketball in them last 30 seconds,” @philfanacc tweeted.

“I want to see the FanDuel account of all three refs in the Pistons-Knicks game,” @WorldofIsaac tweeted

“Lmao NBA refs stay incompetent. Donte DiVincenzo tackled Ausar Thompson. No foul. Knicks then score and win. Awful loss for Pistons,” @mike_daddino tweeted

No matter if you think that DiVincenzo fouled Thompson or not, this ending is gonna be discussed for a long while and could become interesting as the NBA reacts to Williams's public criticism of the referees as well as other subsequent stories that come from this game.