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Chris Paul speaks out on his biggest initiative yet – the Social Change Fund

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Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Chris Paul has always been about more than just basketball. As the president of the NBPA since 2013, the 35-year-old has always been in the forefront of the different moves and actions that represent the players and the NBA.

In July, the 10-time NBA All-Star partnered with Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony to form the Social Change Fund, an initiative that aims to invest and support different organizations that advocate for communities of color through different policy solutions, community representation and narrative change.

Now, joining Anthony’s “What’s In Your Glass” podcast on YouTube, Pauk discuss how they want to achieve great things with their SCF initiative.

But coming to do this thing together, it was dope because it’s bigger than any one of us, right. And to see the amount of reach that we’ve had in a short amount of time. And to know that it didn’t just stop with us three. The fact that we got Candace Parker, Donovan Mitchell, Michael Strahan, Khris Middleton, all these guys. Social Change Fund will end up being bigger than anything that any of us are doing on the court,” Chris Paul said (via Bleacher Report).

The Portland Trail Blazers forward also gave his own take on the importance of the fund and why they decided to start it.

I mean the basketball part of it is what it is, our careers is what it is. But this Social Change Fund, this is powerful. Like this is here forever, and I want people to understand why we really decided to do that and do it with us, and we also show that we can come together, no matter what, and make change and get some s–t done. That’s why I really, you know, I really like this. I actually love this Social Change Fund because it’s so much opportunity,” the NBA veteran added.

These players are proving that they are more than just athletes and they will not just “shut up and dribble.” With prominent figures like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony leading the way, the potential of what these athletes can achieve off the court is surely limitless.