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CJ McCollum, Rudy Gay poke fun at toilet paper crisis amid coronavirus pandemic

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The toilet paper crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic is making everyone on edge about their hygiene, but NBA stars CJ McCollum and Rudy Gay figured that this is the best time to poke fun at fans who don’t have the best practices when it comes to personal hygiene.

McCollum noted that while everyone has been stacking on toilet paper, it would be pretty useless if they didn’t properly clean after themselves. He recommended to his Twitter followers that they double down on their hygiene by following up their TP with a baby wipe. He said that this should make their deuce-dropping a very clean affair.

Gay also took note of the toilet paper crisis that has engulfed the nation during the coronavirus pandemic. While he recognizes the lack of TP in stores as a real problem, the NBA forward for the San Anotnio Spurs added a snide comment that would hit fans who don’t wash their bodies often hard.

The fact that he used a bemused Obama gif to express his disappointment at some of the fans is a telling sign. There are some fans who put out washing for later, and this puts the NBA in a very precarious situation.

The coronavirus is a deadly disease that has killed thousands around the world, but it’s something that could be prevented by proper hygiene. Washing your hands for 20 seconds and keeping your body and surroundings clean should help curb your chances of contracting COVID-19 significantly.

The NBA has suspended play after recording its first case of coronavirus. And so with a lot of free time in players’ hands, expect CJ McCollum, Rudy gay and many more players to be pretty active on social media.