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Daryl Morey reacts to post saying Steve Kerr couldn’t play in the modern era


Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s social media activity recently raised some eyebrows, and it seems like he isn’t done. On Friday afternoon, Morey liked a tweet claiming that former Chicago Bulls player Steve Kerr wouldn’t earn a spot in today’s NBA.

Chris Martin Palmer’s tweet seemed to reference Kerr’s reputation as a three-point “specialist.” Palmer then claims that there’s no need for such a player “if your Top 3 stars can shoot the three.”


Houston currently records more three-point attempts than any other team in the NBA, and many of their players are indeed “three-point specialists.” The organization especially made headlines after trading their tallest player in Clint Capela. They then opted for undersized forwards like Robert Covington and PJ Tucker as their center. The Rockets also enlisted All-Star guard James Harden to jump during tip-offs.

Incidentally, Morey also turned a few heads on Tuesday after he liked an Instagram comment referencing Golden State Warriors fans. Of course, liking a post or comment doesn’t necessarily mean agreement. After all, the now-Warriors head coach was a prolific perimeter shooter during his playing career. Kerr, in fact, holds the NBA record for career percent behind the arc at 45.4. He also tallied a 52.4 percent three-point shooting in one season. It took fellow three-point specialist Kyle Korver to break this record in 2010.

As a player, Kerr was notably part of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, arguably the greatest team in league history. He eventually won three championships with Chicago, and another one with the San Antonio Spurs during the 1998-99 season.